Taronga Zoo African Savannah

Published on: July 2020

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-111379

Taronga Zoo African Savannah


—I inform the House that lions have returned to Taronga Zoo to take their rightful place as Kings of the African Savannah, with the opening of the new Savannah precinct at Taronga Zoo Sydney. Visitors can now come face to face with two male lions Lwazi and Ato, in their roar-some new home set against the sparkling backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Across the Savannah plains in a stunning new habitat known as 'The Waterhole', new arrivals Kito, and her calf Ebo have joined resident giraffes Jimiyu and Zarafa. Living alongside them are recent additions to the Taronga family, zebras Kaya and Bwana. The African Savannah is an immersive experience, giving you the opportunity to get up close to your favourite African animals and learn about how communities across the continent are finding solutions to the threats facing their wild cousins, to ensure wildlife and people can peacefully co-exist. Thank you to the amazing team at Taronga for their continued passion for animal conservation, and I look forward to visiting again soon to see how Taronga's new additions are getting on.

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