Neutral Bay Crossing Supervisors

Published on: November 2020

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-114510

Neutral Bay Crossing Supervisors


—Speaker, today I rise to acknowledge Neutral Bay local Suzy O'Brien and Mosman local Jonathan Charles who are the new crossing supervisors for Neutral Bay Public School. We know that having crossing supervisors at primary schools ensure that our kids can get to and from safely, and greatly reduces the risk of car related incidents with school students. Crossing supervisors are amongst a suite of measures to keep kids safe including reduced speed limits in school zones, high visibility safety treatments like signs, dragons teeth road markings, and flashing lights which are installed at public schools across the State. Thank you to the NSW Government for the funding of these new positions, and I would like to thank the Minister for Transport for ensuring we that our local schools have access to crossing supervisors to keep our students safe. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the Neutral Bay Public School community including Principal Judy Goodsell, P&C President Sharmila Soorian, and the parents who reached out to me to advocate for new crossing supervisors at the school.

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