Local Service Awarded to Denise Ward

Published on: February 2021

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-115049

Local Service Awarded to Denise Ward


—Speaker, Today I rise to acknowledge the extraordinary service of Denise Ward who this month marks 10 years as Executive Officer at the Crows Nest Centre. Denise's job at the centre is to lead. Among her many tasks, she identifies community needs, plans new services, manages staff and volunteers, and creates an attractive working environment. Overseeing 17 employed staff and over 200 volunteers, Denise and the Crows Nest Centre serve the needs of older residents in the local area with meal delivery, assisted shopping, clean linen services, social outings, in-centre communal games, entertainment, and much more. Denise also oversees an employment support program assisting skilled migrants to find work successfully, and to meet Australian workplace expectations. The Crows Nest Centre provides a range of programs and services to a diverse range of community groups including culturally specific activities for Japanese mothers, Chinese seniors, Persian and Spanish speaking women. I also hosted a Seniors Forum at the centre, and again it was thanks to Denise and her team that it was such a success. Congratulations to Denise on receiving this much deserved award.

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