North Sydney Girls Win Philosothon

Published on: February 2021

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-115336

North Sydney Girls Win Philosothon


—Speaker, today I acknowledge the incredible students from North Sydney Girls High School, who have for the sixth year in a row, won the NSW Philosothon. The competition which was held late last year saw a team of students compete against each other in challenges of critical and creative thinking. Congratulations to the team on their success, and I am particularly impressed they were also able to enjoy outstanding results in the four age divisions. Students Belinda Shang and Ella Uhlmann ranked second and third in their age groups, and Chaewon Park and Renee Nayager (NAh Year Ger) ranked first in their age groups. The NSW Philosothon is an annual competition where students explore philosophical and ethical issues. They are assessed by university-based professional philosophers, and score highly when they demonstrate rigour and clarity of thought. Congratulations to these outstanding students on this result, and I look forward to seeing you take on the 2021 NSW Philosothon with the same determination.

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