Shoalhaven Anglican School

Published on: March 2021

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Shoalhaven Anglican School

Debate resumed from 18 March 2021.

Ms FELICITY WILSON (North Shore) (13:11:31):

I am very happy to continue my contribution on the member for South Coast and Minister's motion about the Shoalhaven Anglican School site. I spoke a little last week about the member for South Coast's advocacy and work in obtaining this location for Budawang School and making sure that we continue to deliver on our commitments to her community. I also spoke a little about the commitments made within my community, which I will continue today.

I left off speaking about Mosman High School. Some members in this place may know that the last time Mosman High School had a major upgrade was the last time we had a Liberal-Nationals Coalition Government in New South Wales when Virginia Chadwick was a Minister. It is very exciting that we are finally getting the next major upgrade required for our community and students and the future children of my community under this Government. Mosman High School is well known for its outstanding academic record, in particular its highly sought-after creative arts and music program. The constrained site in Mosman, which is its own block in the middle of Mosman Village that has four streets around it, will be transformed to create a modular, multi-use component-based learning precinct to enhance the both creative and academic capacity of our students.

I now move on to the North Sydney Demonstration School in my area where we are progressing a major upgrade. North Sydney Demonstration School, the Dem, as we call it, is a primary school in Waverton that will benefit local families now and into the future. An overhaul of the school's facilities includes replacing the old demountables with 16 new and refurbished classrooms, the addition of a new hall, an upgrade to administration facilities and improved outdoor learning spaces. We are getting the planning and tender process underway so that construction can start this year. This state-of-the-art upgrade will ensure that the school can continue to offer excellent teaching and learning facilities to the many new families moving to North Sydney. I know the member for South Coast would be well aware of the Dem because she grew up in the area and went to North Sydney Girls High School just across the road.

I thank the New South Wales Government for its investment in our public education infrastructure, including in my community. I acknowledge the work of the Mosman High School and the Dem communities. For a long time they have advocated for those upgrades, helping to envision what the school precincts need to provide the best facilities and opportunities for students in the future. The children of many of the parents who have gone through those endeavours are no longer at the schools because of the time it has taken to work through those initiatives. But many of the parents are still part of the school communities and continue to work on those projects because of the commitment and vision they have for the broader community and for the students and children of families still to come. I thank them and the principals of Mosman High School and North Sydney Demonstration School.

I also note that advanced planning is underway at Neutral Bay Public School in preparation for a major upgrade. The school is just across the road from my electorate office, so I get to see the school community frequently. We have made a number of different commitments. One of the biggest commitments we have already followed through on is purchasing a house that sits in the middle of the school's site, between Kindieland and the rest of the school, to make sure that we have that asset now available to turn into more space for playing or classrooms. We have made that investment and commitment to the community. The next step I would like to see is funding for the entire upgrade of Neutral Bay Public School.

Debate interrupted.


I shall now leave the chair. The House will resume at 2.15 p.m.

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