Taldumande Youth Services 2021 Gala Dinner

Published on: June 2021

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-118295

Taldumande Youth Services 2021 Gala Dinner


—I recognise Taldumande Youth Services for their tireless devotion to significantly improving the lives of young people in our community. I had the pleasure of attending their 2021 Gala Dinner at Luna Park last month where over $100,000 was raised. This money will provide residential support homeless and vulnerable children and young people, while helping to restore relationships with their families. The Gala Dinner was an excellent turn out after COVID-19 restrictions saw many important fundraising events put on hold last year. Through the pandemic, Taldumande has continued to play an integral role in empowering young people by offering them specialised care and support. I congratulate Taldumande Youth Services for their successful Gala Dinner and thank CEO Lisa Graham, Chair Virginia Howard, Her Excellency Margaret Beazley, and Ambassador Jean Kittson for having me attend. Thank you also to the network of volunteers and sponsors for everything you do to change the lives of our young people.

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