Mosman Youth Award in Literature Winners

Published on: October 2021

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-118675

Mosman Youth Award in Literature Winners


—I recognise the winners of this year's Mosman Youth Awards in Literature. There were 321 entries submitted from students in our local schools, which covered a wide variety of topics. I want to congratulate Catlin Ong with 'The Fishing Girl', Chantilly Ho with 'Cancer, Alphabetically', Matilda Meikle with 'Dear Friend', Jade Cummins with 'Athazagoraphobia', and Isaac Elms with 'Motorcar'. Each of these students won first prize in their respective category. The Mosman Youth Awards in Literature is a fantastic initiative established in 1993 by Helen Egan, Marie Pitts, and Cheryl Thomas, three friends who shared an interest in and background in the education of young people. These awards in literature have always been to encourage young people interest in writing prose and poetry. There were a total of $2,500 worth of prize money for the various winners. I want to thank the Mosman Rotary Club, Mosman Lions Club, Oracle Books Mosman, Northern Beaches and Mosman College, and Constant Reader Bookshop for sponsoring the competition.

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