2021 Impact100 Awards

Published on: November 2021

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-120941

2021 Impact100 Awards


—Speaker, Impact100 Sydney North is a collective group, drawing on strong community ties to give back and provide grants for multiple charities. I want to acknowledge the great work they do in supporting many local organisations in North Shore. By having members contribute $1,000 monthly, they have provided substantial grants to multiple charitable organisations. Tina Jackson is Impact100's co-founder and deserves a special mention for all her work for the organisation. I also would like to thank our local residents that make up the Impact100 team: Mark Wallis, Anna Josephson, Ursula Hogben and Jane Barnes, to name a few. I also would like to recognise this year's winners: Youth Insearch, who support young people across the state. Mary's House, a community-funded refuge in the Lower North Shore. The Gender Centre, an organisation that provides support for the transgender and gender diverse communities, and The Generous and the Grateful, provide household goods to vulnerable community members. I thank the Impact100 team for their excellent work in supporting charitable organisations and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

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