Vale John Mcgregor

Published on: November 2021

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-121952

Vale John Mcgregor


—This year we lost our friend, John McGregor. There is no more accurate description of John than a man of kindness. It permeated his existence. He gave of himself, his time, his energy, and his commitment, without question. We lost John well before we should have to mental illness. His daughter Kinsey and wife Kerry have lost their father and friend. I re-commit myself to working in this place in John's name as we seek to prevent future suicides. John was President of the Waverton-Wollstonecraft branch of the Liberal Party when I was a member and encouraged me to succeed him as President. The branch, and the entire North Shore State Conference, mourn and miss him. We recently found his words on "Why am I a Liberal", and I quote: Part of the answer to that is that "evil flourishes when good people stay silent." I am conscious that the relatively well ordered society we enjoy in Australia currently did not come about by accident… Our laws and institutions have come into being as a result of engaged, purposeful people deciding to create them. Thank you, John, for always being a good person who made a difference.

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