A Spider's Tale

Published on: May 2022

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-125130

A Spider's Tale


—Speaker I acknowledge Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School teacher Jesse James Muir who has become a best-selling children's book author. When Jesse, who teaches Year 2 at Blessed Sacrament, was unable to find a suitable book about kindness and compassion, he decided to write one himself. The result was A Spider's Tale which has earner the 30-year-old a writing deal with English publishers Austin Macauley and has received the most important reviews of all from his students. The story tells the tale of a young spider named Tom who is lonely and in need of a friend. Setting off on an adventure, he tries to befriend a family living on a farm and quickly learns that humans and animals don't always share the same quality of kindness or a desire for companionship. The Blessed Sacrament With work on his second book now underway, teaching will still remain his priority. Congratulations Jesse, we hope that your next book is as successful as A Spider's Tale and that the students enjoy at Blessed Sacrament enjoy reading another story written by their teacher.

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