North Shore PAC Medal & Award Presentation

Published on: June 2022

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-126428

North Shore PAC Medal & Award Presentation


—Speaker recently I had the privilege of representing the Minister for Police and Deputy Premier Paul Toole MP at the North Shore Police Area Command Medal and Award Presentation. We recognised the remarkable achievements and outstanding service of those who go above and beyond to keep their fellow community members safe. Policing is often a thankless job and involves putting other before yourselves. I congratulate the following attendees who received an award or medal on the day; Kirsten McFadden, Dan Engles, Jackson Davis, Michele Woods, Royce Scarella, Simon Pearce, Kylie Dodds, Simon Jones, Luke Seage, Jackson Van Den Berg, Goya Hedayat, Anthony Charlton, Chad Kyrwood, Todd Carter, Stephen Smith, Glenn Goulding, Craig Hanson, Gavin Franklin, Scott Macgee, David Misipeka, Macray Matenga, Luke Baker, Lindsay Schubert, Adam Vickery, Tracyanne Kennedy, Mark Cutugno, Mark Pluss, Bayden Nicholls, Alicia Shirley, Ryan Adamson, Dominic Trevor, Louis Barnes, Zaryab Murtaza, Vijay Nagpal, and Hassan Razzaq. Congratulations to you all on your outstanding service and these remarkable achievements.

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