Mosman Local Features in NSW Senior Stories

Published on: February 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-138934

Mosman Local Features in NSW Senior Stories


—Speaker, I recognise Mosman local Daryl Pratt who is featured in the NSW Senior's Stories that was published last year. Over one hundred seniors have put their pen to paper to share their personal stories in a writing competition that is aimed at celebrating the lives and contributions of seniors by giving them the opportunity to share their own short stories about their life experiences. And that's exactly what Daryl has done. Daryl who describes himself as a sprightly 76 year old retired financial planner, who is going to regale readers with tales of the good old days throughout the 1940's, 50's and 60s. Daryl outlines the surviving some of the hardships faced such as walking to school and economic depressions, having fun without technology, making gourmet meals out of cans of tin beans, and relying on laughter to keep spirits high. Daryl finishes his reminiscing with a message to our 'dear young men and women' to step out into the world and experience all the joys and challenges that life has to offer. Congratulations Daryl on featuring in the Senior's Stories, and for a wonderful trip down memory lane.

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