New Spinal Cord Injury Trial at RNSH

Published on: March 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-139448

New Spinal Cord Injury Trial at RNSH


—Speaker, I commend the efforts of researchers at Royal North Shore Hospital who have developed an innovative clinical trial to support those living with a spinal cord injury. This is a world-first technique that uses breathing and heart rate feedback to reduce pain and to improve brain fog and sleep. We know that spinal cord injuries often affect multiple bodily systems and functions, and there is a high chance of subsequent conditions including chronic pain, diabetes and cardiovascular and respiratory problems. This new trial is being undertaken by Kolling Institute rehabilitation researchers at Royal North Shore Hospital. I want to acknowledge Ashley Craig from the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research who has been appointed the chief investigator lead in Australia with support from Ilaria Pozzato, Mohit Arora, and James Middleton. I wish the team the best of luck with their research in this field, and acknowledge that New South Wales and Australia in general are often at the forefront of health research and breakthroughs that benefit many hundreds of thousands with any of their medical conditions.

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