20 Local Councils joining forces to protect Sydney Harbour

Published on 07 September 2021

As Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, I was excited to talk to Channel 10 News to announce NSW Government funding for 20 local councils that are joining forces to protect Sydney Harbour.

Baulkham Hills, the pollution on the streets and in the soil can travel all the way to Sydney Harbour - like right here at Balmoral. The Sydney water catchment is much bigger than most people realise.

Sydney Harbour belongs to all of us, and we all need to play a part in its protection. We're funding over a quarter of a million dollars to kick off a collaborative project between 20 Councils across Sydney to help preserve Sydney Harbour for future generations.

This crucial forward-thinking planning will ensure the best outcome for our iconic Sydney Harbour.

See attached the Ministerial media release from the Hon. Shelley Hancock MP, Minister for Local Government, regarding this announcement.

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