Securing a brighter future for NSW

Published on 04 July 2022

While we are all doing our best to move on from the past couple of challenging years, we face a raft of new concerns. In this time of global conflict and geopolitical instability, cost-of-living pressures are biting household budgets. 

The people of NSW have shown that they are deeply resilient and able to navigate any challenge. As your local MP and a member of the NSW Government, I will always work alongside our community to meet the challenges of today while delivering on a bold vision for out future. 

That's why you will have seen our commitment to a range of major policy reforms to build a brighter future for NSW. In releasing our recent NSW Budget, we've laid out a trajectory that will secure a better way of life for generations of NSW families. 

To read more and see what's been happening in our community, click the PDF below. 

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