Councillor James Spenceley Delivers Medical Aid to Ukraine

Published on: June 2022

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-126010

Councillor James Spenceley Delivers Medical Aid to Ukraine


—Speaker I recognise North Sydney Councillor James Spenceley who recently undertook a weeklong journey delivering ambulances from Poland to war torn Ukraine. As the war rages through Ukraine, many including civilians have been left devastated and injured. Medical equipment and ambulances are desperately needed to assist those who have been injured. Councillor Spenceley bought two ambulances from France for $25,000 each and drove them from Poland to cities across Ukraine. The ambulances were fitted with stretchers, defibrillators, and blood transfusion equipment which will be critical in responding to those who are injured from Russian attacks. James bought the first two ambulances but has crowd funded almost $200,000 to buy another eight that will be delivered to the people of Ukraine. This fundraising is personal for James as his wife's family is Ukrainian still living in Kherson. I congratulate Councillor Spenceley for organising this extensive funding along with his personal contribution, and for making the extraordinarily dangerous journey to deliver these ambulances himself to Ukraine. I extend my thanks to everyone in the community who has supported this amazing initiative.

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