Neutral Bay Soccer Team go for Goal

Published on: March 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-139649

Neutral Bay Soccer Team go for Goal


—Speaker, I congratulate the Stage 2 boy's soccer team from Neutral Bay Public School at the recent Sutton Cup Soccer Gala Day. Their unbeaten streak is a testament to not only their exceptional skill on the field but also their outstanding sportsmanship, embodying the true spirit of the game. Throughout the tournament the boys not only showcased their prowess in soccer but also exemplified kindness and camaraderie. They cheered for opposing teams, lent assistance to injured players, and even volunteered for cleanup duties reflecting the values of teamwork and community, values that are cherished by Neutral Bay Public. As a well-deserved reward for their triumph the boys will be offered a Sydney FC experience later in the year. Congratulations boys on an outstanding effort and to everyone who contributed to this memorable success.

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