Seaside Scavenge Returns to Balmoral

Published on: October 2023

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-136524

Seaside Scavenge Returns to Balmoral


—There is no better way to take an active part in coastal conservation and community collaboration than the Seaside Scavenge at Balmoral run by Take 3 for the Sea. They are an organisation that is determined to ensure that our marine environments remain pristine with a simple message of taking three pieces of rubbish with you whenever you leave the beach, waterway, or anywhere that can make a difference. So what is the Seaside Scavenge? It is a waste education event where every bit of rubbish and litter that is collected becomes currency to use at a pop up market where you can purchase second hand clothes and items donated by the community. This year it returns to Balmoral as part of the Festival of Mosman that is finally returning to our local community after a few years hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I want to acknowledge the incredible work that Take 3 for the Sea do in ensuring our marine environments remain pristine and for educating our local community on the importance of protecting our oceans from plastic pollution.

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