Sydney Metro

Published on: June 2024

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Sydney Metro

Ms FELICITY WILSON (North Shore) (22:08:17):

I wish to speak about the Sydney Metro project, which is coming soon to stations in my local community. We all know that Sydney Metro is Australia's largest public transport project. Building, operating and maintaining a network of four metro lines, 46 stations and 113 kilometres of new metro rail, this project is revolutionising how Australia's biggest city travels by connecting Sydney's north‑west, west, south‑west, and greater west to fast, reliable and turn‑up‑and‑go metro services with fully accessible stations. City‑shaping projects, such as the Sydney Metro, are delivered only by governments with vision.

I was proud to be part of the Liberal Government that envisioned, funded and worked to deliver Sydney Metro. I particularly thank two of our former transport Ministers for their incredible work: Gladys Berejiklian and Andrew Constance. One, a former neighbour who nurtured and brought this project to life, is a particular favourite of mine. Without their clear vision and passion for this project, it would never have gotten off the ground. I thank them for their tireless work. I also note that they are both former Treasurers, and the work that it takes to fund, finance and deliver these projects is significant. The asset recycling projects under Mike Baird's leadership and through Gladys Berejiklian's Treasury and onwards formed the cornerstone of delivering these city-shaping infrastructure projects.

In my community, we will soon be able to hop on board at Crows Nest Station and at Victoria Cross Station in North Sydney. After years of major construction work and state-of-the-art station fit-outs, Sydney Metro services are expected to begin midyear. We are very excited. We are looking forward to cutting the ribbon with our friends on the opposite side of the Chamber and joining together to celebrate the delivery of the service. This world-class turn-up-and-go service will cut the daily commute from Crows Nest to Martin Place down to just seven minutes. It will take just five minutes to reach Martin Place from Victoria Cross. That connectivity is not just about North Sydney CBD and the Sydney CBD; it is about connecting us to all of the communities across Sydney and the seamless interconnection of public transport to make sure that people who live in communities like mine have more access to areas like the inner west, the north‑west and, over time, the greater west.

Many in our local community already rely on public transport to travel to and from work and to do all of the things they love. The service will connect two of Sydney's most important central business districts, greatly reducing the burden of private transport on our infrastructure and environment. I loved joining with so many from our local community for a preview at both Victoria Cross Station and Crows Nest Station of the game‑changing infrastructure being brought to our community. Just the other weekend, Crows Nest had over 7,000 people come through the doors. That was the biggest community open day of any Sydney Metro station so far. The new station at Crows Nest is set 25 metres below ground level, with two entrances on the Pacific Highway and Clarke Street, and it creates a new transport focus for Crows Nest. We can already see the investment and revitalisation that the metro has catalysed in North Sydney, in particular. Victoria Cross Station includes a northern entrance that opens up at Miller and McLaren streets near the schools and North Sydney Oval, and a southern entrance with pedestrian access to Miller and Denison streets.

This is all connected to a thriving, revitalised metropolis in North Sydney, with effort being put into the partial pedestrianisation of Miller Street—while endeavouring to move towards a fully pedestrianised Miller Street—to reclaim more public space for the community in North Sydney. Victoria Cross Station is set a staggering 31 metres underground. A profound atmosphere is felt when entering that Victoria Cross Station cavern. It will include a commercial building, which is quite far progressed, above the southern entrance. It will provide a sustainable retail, food and hospitality hub in the heart of North Sydney, and it is leading a renaissance for our CBD. I welcome anyone to come to North Sydney to check out the lifestyle, food and beverage, and hospitality, because it is really transforming. That is what really great place‑based transport oriented development does.

The excitement in my local community for this project is palpable. We are all looking forward to getting on board the metro at either Crows Nest or Victoria Cross Station. But I reiterate that projects like this do not happen by themselves: They can only be delivered by governments with a vision and with strong economic management to make that vision happen. We are going to love joining members opposite to cut the ribbons on projects that we started, funded and had under construction well before they were elected. These city-shaping projects take multiple generations to deliver but will have profound impacts for the next hundred years or so. But we will remember, as will the community, whose vision initiated and ensured we achieved this project.

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