Middle Harbour School Leaders

Published on: June 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-142095

Middle Harbour School Leaders


—Speaker one of my favourite things about being an MP in this place is being able to connect with our local school students in a variety of ways. Each year I invite schools to send their school leaders or representatives here to Parliament to meet with me over a cup of tea and a scone and learn a little about the democratic processes that take place and how it can affect them. I recently hosted school leaders from Middle Harbour Public School: Barney Court, Claudia Dietz, Phoebe Evans, Mila Apps, Billie Lawler, Thomas Payten, Florence Ward, and Archie Woodard. It was a lovely morning giving them a tour around Parliament, before they got to witness the democratic theatre of question time. It was clear to me why these students were picked for leadership roles within Middle Harbour Public. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to their roles is commendable and will set a great example for other students. I have no doubt they will continue to make Middle Harbour Public proud in the work they will do. A special thank you to Principal Laura Barry who accompanied the students, but also runs a much loved local school.

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