Venla Reaches Incredible Milestone

Published on: June 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-142307

Venla Reaches Incredible Milestone


—Speaker I want to congratulate VENLA resell+relove who in just over three years they have recycled an incredible 106,000 items with the VENLA community. VENLA founders Minna and Satu who are originally from Finland have been living and working in Australia for the past 25 years and at the height of the Covid pandemic decided to launch a new business with the aim of doing good for our local community and the environment. VENLA is a place where you can give a new life to your clothes and find new loves. Minna and Satu are passionate about providing a sustainable way to shop for second hand designer clothes and accessories. They opened their first store in Mosman in 2021 and have subsequently opened stores in Balmain, Bondi, Cronulla and Manly. Excitingly they have just moved into a new space in Mosman which is larger and brighter than their former space. Congratulations Minna and Satu on this incredible achievement and I wish you and the VENLA team all the best on creating a world where recycling and rocking preloved fashion is the norm.

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