'library of Things' Volunteer Organisation

Published on: June 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-142955

'library of Things' Volunteer Organisation


—Speaker In the face of the economic challenges being faced by Australians today, it is great to see so many individuals stepping up to help their community. North Shore locals Jacky Baker, Bridget Kennedy and Carol Skyring are doing just that. Their business 'The Library of Things', located in Waverton, was founded on the concepts of sustainability and affordability. The Library of Things is a volunteer organisation focussed on finding a budget-friendly solution to renting and buying things. These things are not books, but household items we only use every-so-often, ranging from party gear and kitchen items to garden tools, camping equipment and more. The inventory consists mostly of donations, and the business has received an outpouring of community support. It is one of around 30 such stores across Australia. I want to recognise the efforts of Jacky, Bridget and Carol, and thank them for their dedication to serving and bettering our community.

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