Marine Rescue NSW Volunteer Rolls Up Sleeve

Published on: February 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-138724

Marine Rescue NSW Volunteer Rolls Up Sleeve


—Speaker, we know that donating blood saves lives. When we roll up our sleeves we are ensuring that life saving operations can proceed. For some the thought of giving blood makes them weak at the knees, but for others such as Chris Allen it has been routine since her first donated blood as a university student in 1971. Chris is a long serving Marine Rescue NSW State Communications Centre and Middle Harbour member who has been rolling up his sleeves to donate blood for the last fifty years. Last year Chris reached the incredible milestone of donating blood more than three-hundred and sixty times. Just as his work with Marine Rescue NSW helps saves lives on the water, Chris' gift of blood has also been saving lives. Chris will also marked another milestone in December where he marked twenty years of volunteering with Marine Rescue NSW and Coastal Patrol. Known as the 'rope man' Chris still enjoys his time as part of the boat crew at Middle Harbour teaching the rest of the volunteers about knots and simple splicing. Congratulations Chris on your commitment to saving lives on and off the water.

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