Mary's House and Daisy Centre Saving Lives

Published on: March 2024

Record: HANSARD-1323879322-139446

Mary's House and Daisy Centre Saving Lives


—Speaker, I want to acknowledge the incredible work of two local organisations that provide an important service for women escaping domestic and family abuse. Mary's House and the Daisy Centre are based across my local community operates a refuge that accommodates four women and their children each night. They are supported by case workers, social workers, and a housing coordinator with referrals to psychology services, financial advice, legal advice, and advice on assessing future risk and creating a long-term safety plan. We know that domestic and family violence doesn't discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any time, and so this important service ensures that women in my community are able to reach out to help when they desperately need it. The Daisy Centre was opened in 2020 as an outreach service for women who are not in the refuge but still need support. The centre provides essential services such as pro-bono legal advice, safety audits and technology sweeps on laptops and phones to look for tracking apps. I commend the work of Mary's House and Daisy Centre for this incredibly important work, assisting vulnerable and at risk women in our community.

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